What Would Jesus Say?

What would Jesus say to a victim & to an oppressor?

Jesus brings words of life, hope and freedom to a broken world.

Over 2 weeks of church we will consider What Jesus would say to this very important and difficult topic.

We are aware this will be a sensitive topic for many. We want to be thoughtful in how we speak to this painful topic and we are convinced that Jesus has something he wants you to hear.


This series will take place on:

10th July 2022 – to a victim

17th June 2022 – to an oppressor

📍 Peninsula Community Centre

We have 2 services: 9:30am and 6pm

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What to expect

You can visit our “What to expect at Grace Mornings” page to view what a normal church experience would be.
During these 2 weeks of church, we will give special attention to helping everyone feel safe and in control.

Since these topics are deeply painful ones for many, we will have counsellors available these weeks. We will give you support and be there to listen if you would like to talk. also respect that you may want to talk to no one and that is certainly ok.

The main part of our service will involve reading the Bible to hear from Jesus and a talk based upon that reading. We will share what the words of Jesus have to say about our topic.

We are not professional counsellors or psychologists but will seek to be as mindful as possible of the issues this may raise for you. And we will be equipped to point you in the right direction should you seek further assistance.

Want to come along or got questions?

If you would like to know more or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our email is below or you can message us on social media.