What to expect at Morning Church

We love having new guests join us on Sundays. Here’s what you can expect if you come along.

    Peninsula Community Centre

    What to Wear

    Our approach for church is ‘come as you are’. You can wear whatever you are comfortable with; there is no dress code. Some will like to wear a T-shirt and some may like to dress more formal.


    Parking at the Centre


    We meet at the Peninsula Community Centre in Woy Woy. As you drive in you’ll see the main building on the left that we meet in (you’ll see people and a sign). You’ll see the car park on the right, follow the road around and park in the car park there.

    Church kicks off at 9.30am but come 5 early to sign in, drop your kids off, and grab a seat! (It’s ok if you are running late, you won’t cause a scene).

    People walking into church
    Peninsula Community Centre

    Drop your kids off

    As you enter the building, you’ll be met by some friendly faces. If you have kids, they will be able to take you to the appropriate kids area.
    We have 4 stages:
    Creche: 0-2 year olds (drop off from 9:20)
    Pre-school: 3-4 (drop off from 9:20)
    Primary: Kindy to Year 6 (start in service)
    Youth: High school (starts at 9:30)
    Our kids teachers are well trained to run a safe and fun program for your kids. We’re confident that your children will enjoy their time, but if there’s any hesitation, you are welcome to bring them into the main hall with you. We recommend you bring morning tea for your child.


    Find a spot in the hall

    As you walk in you are welcome to take any seat you are comfortable with. If you have a stroller or a little one, you are welcome to bring it all in, and we’ll have some extra space up the back if that helps.

    Shanalle Grabbing a coffee before the service
    Leading church in prayer

    Singing & praying

    Each service starts with singing and praying. The band will play a couple of songs at the start and end of the service. We will all stand up for this. You are welcome to join in singing or just listen along. Someone will pray from up the front (don’t worry, you won’t be asked to pray in front of everyone), you are welcome to bow your head, close your eyes, or anything you feel comfortable with. If church is new for you, you don’t need to have any experience to be able to know what’s going on.

    Bible reading & teaching

    Each week we read a section of the Bible and then one of our pastors will preach from this passage. We will look at what the Bible says and why that is relevant to us. The sermon usually goes for around 35 minutes. Afterwards, we like to take any questions that people have from the sermon. You are welcome to ask if you’d like or just listen in.

    Kurtis teaching from the bible
    People chatting after the service

    After the service: community & coffee

    After the service, if you have kids you can head to your kids rooms and pick them up. You are then invited to stay and chat and enjoy a drink and morning tea. You can stay as long or as little as you like. 

    We hope that helps and we’ll see you soon!

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