Summerfest 2024

A school holiday event that’s fun for kids…
and relaxing and informative for parents!


Monday-Friday, 8th-12th January 2024, 9:-11:30am

Summer Salt (Years 7-12): 5-7:30pm

📍 Woy Woy South Primary School, Waterloo Avenue

Kids Concert and Carnival

Featuring jumping castle, games, BBQ, and concert starring the kids


Saturday, 13th January, 5pm

📍 Woy Woy South Primary School, Waterloo Avenue

Parents Getaway Cafe

While your children have fun, the Parents Getaway Cafe will host a number of professionals and experts covering topics that include parenting, family, health issues and real life stories. Sit down, relax and enjoy.


Heidi Cantor
Wrong side of the law
Bad things happen and some are very bad. With a background as a police prosecutor, dealing with the most serious types of crime, Heidi’s story will give us a hair raising insight into a different side of life.

Dads & Kids Sport
Teamwork, responsibility and fun. Sport can be fun for our kids but there can be downsides. Our panel discusses what kid’s sport has taught them about themselves, their kids and how to do it well.


Mark Hadley
Behind the Glamour
Modern media bombards our kids, deeply marking the way they think about the world. How can you protect them? Media commentator and scriptwriter, Mark Hadley explains how we can guard against unwanted influences.

Alyssa Said
Raising Healthy Eaters
More than ever our kids can agonise over how they look. Grace is a dietitian who specialises in body image and developing healthy views on food and eating. She will share some priceless tips on how to help our kids. 


Scott and Kim Parry-Jones
Family life when the Honeymoon is Over
Our marriages go through many stages, but none more impactful than having children. In many ways, large and small, our families survive or thrive on how we treat each other.. Scott and Kim share their own family ups and downs in the hope that it will help with yours.  

Nicole Copland
Home Hair Creations
Hair. We all have it but our kids care so much about how it looks and it can be costly to get that look! Hairdresser Nicole, gives us a few handy tips on how to pull off a decent home haircut with a demo!.



Mark McCrindall
Gen Alpha are Coming
Born between 2010 and 2024, Gen Alpha will be the largest in history. Mark, the social researcher who coined the name for the most educated, technological and wealthy generation we’ve ever seen, teaches us how best to engage with these future leaders.

Craig Dobbie
What do you Crave?
Who are we and what are we meant for? Our deepest cravings give a clue. We surveyed the coast asking the question, “What do you crave?” Craig, senior pastor of Grace Church tells us the surprising answers.


The evolving world of schools
School  can be a life shaping experience but in a rapidly changing world, schools present new challenges, dangers and opportunities. Our panel of teachers give important insights about what our kids face in the evolving world of schools.

Michelle Chea
Raising confident Readers and Writers
Michelle, a literacy specialist with over 20 years experience shares the building blocks parents can put in place to help our kids become confident readers and writers in a digital age.

Kids and Youth Program

This great holiday entertainment program includes: Games, drama, sports, singing, friendships and lots of fun in a safe environment! All school aged children are provided with morning tea and all should bring a hat and ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’

Premites (2-5 years old)


Put on your boots and get ready to join old McDonald down on the farm. There’s so much to see and do! Learn about friendship, kindness and care. Enjoy puppets, games, songs and craft. Children should bring their own morning tea while parents remain nearby in the Getaway Cafe. See you there!

Rockets (Yrs K-2)


Grab your magnifying glass & your notebook and step into the world of  Inspector Chip. Will he ever get to the bottom of it? There’s puzzles to solve, games to play & heaps to do as we investigate the biggest mystery of all. Join us for all the fun.

Boom (Yrs 3-6)


Detective Pikachu and his partner Ash are on the job and we’re set to join the investigation. Grab the finger print kit and follow the trail as we piece together clues about the international man of mystery & history. We’ll get expert help and have a whole bunch of fun! Don’t miss it this January.

Summer Salt (Yrs 7-12)


Rock or Pop? Long or short? Snapchat or Instagram? Jeans or shorts? There’s too many decisions for one person to make but there’s ONE that puts them all in their place and It’s the ONE we’re talking about at Salt. With insane challenges, crazy adventures and hectic games you won’t want to miss out!

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